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Phaung Phaung Logistics & Technologies is a fourth-party service provider for logistics (4PL) & technology fields. That is, we are non-asset-owning service provider; however, our role is to provide a broader scope, to manage the whole process for our clients neutrally regardless of what assets are used. We have been offering 4PL services to both local and international clients, managing our client's projects with great efficiency since we started.

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We first started out as Phaung Phaung General Services in Yangon, Myanmar in 2012 and later evolved into Phaung Phaung Logistics & Technologies. We have operated various logistics and technology projects and had prior experience with international clients.

With the knowledge, experience and ability we have from real-world operations, we are giving services and solution of quality to all our clients with passion.


Logistic Services


Inland Transportation

Multimodal Inland Transport for any type of cargo


Railway Transportation

We also can use trains for your cargo


Air Transportation

We can arrange to move your cargo with planes


Coastal and River Transportation

We can arrange vessels and ships for your cargo


Project Forwarding

Solution for massive projects


Rental Service

Heavy Machines, Cranes, Dozers, Vessels


Food and Green Supply

For catering service from small to large scales


Construction & Decoration

We take care of aesthetics


Providing Information

We gather necessary information for projects


Providing Warehouse

Providing places for storing inventory of all sizes


Brokerage Service

Well suited for project's needs


Customs Clearance

For smooth importing and exporting


Commercial Documentation

We handle lodging of documents



We can take care of cargo's insurance



We also provide security services


Border Trade & transportation

We offer border trade and transportation solutions (China,India,Thailand)

Consultation Service

We offer various consultation services for all types of projects

Purchasing & supply services

We also offer services to purchase materials for your projects

Technology Services

Software Development

Custom-made ERP for your business's needs

Web Development

Functional Websites with pixel-perfect design

Mobile Application Development

Got an idea? We'll build it


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Prior Projects

We did these with great enthusiasm

Kathar-Bamaw Railway Project

Kathar-Bamaw Railway Project

Myanmar- China Oil & Gas Pipeline Project

Myanmar- China Oil & Gas Pipeline Project

Room Rental for Project Materials Storage

Rental of Crane
Insein Ywama Power Plant Project


Web Development for
Min Zar Ni Logistics Co., Ltd

Mobile Application Development for
Western Yangon Technology University

Myanmar India Border Trade
(Tamu - Mandalay - Yangon)

Myanmar China Border Trade
(Muse - Mandalay - Yangon)

Thai-Myanmar Border Trade
(Bangkok - Myawaddy - Yangon)
(Door to Door Service)

Thai-Myanmar Border Trade
(Bangkok - Myawaddy - Yangon)
(Chemical Products)

Thai-Myanmar Border Trade
(Bangkok - Myawaddy - Yangon)
(Furniture & Electrical Appliances)

Myaung Mya FM Biomass
Power Plant Project

Myaung Mya FM Biomass
Power Plant Project

Surveying Bago River
(Bago River Survey Project)

Security at War Tan Jetty
(Bago River Survey Project)

Consultation service
for Kin Change Bridge Project

Consultation service
for Kin Change Bridge Project

Consultation service
Purchasing and supply service for AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT PROJECT (ADSP) under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank

Consultation service
Supply and Delivery of Coal
(Padan/Pauk) - 3500 tonnes
at Naypyitaw Brick Factory

Transportation (Boxer Truck) of Base Oil for DEUGRO(MYANMAR) CO., LTD

Consultation service at
Htein Pin Heap, Yangon

Consultation Service
Rehabilitation of Main Canal(Ngalaik)
Irrigation and Water Utilization
Management Department
Supply and Delivery of Steel Sheet Pile
(355) pcs

Consultation service for
delivery of forest seedling

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